Originally published in Rolling Stones, issue of June, 2017.

Although his whole life is influenced and is inspired by various music artists and performances, it is just until very recently that he started to produce music on his own.

He had no formal education in music. He never played instruments. He was supposed to be the tone-deaf kid in the family. It was back in 1996 when the rising wave of rave music hit him and make him excited enough to give a synthesizer a try that was around. No remarkable advancement at that time though. It was exactly twenty years later when he had the second encounter with electronic music production.

In December, 2015 he got introduced to Tenori-on. The device made him remember long forgotten dreams about making music on his own. It also served as a trigger to start experimenting with live music sessions with his close friend, David, and to start producing music together under the name doorbell 61. While there is no conventional label to express the genre that they produce, it is best described as raw electronic music.

The duo provided him significant inspiration for music production and it does to date. “I dunno what I’m doing, I’m just a kid enjoying playing together with my friend.” It is said that Alan Vega, Alessandro Cortini and goa trance in general had the biggest influence on him. Some sources claim that you can also discover traces of music of Kraftwerk and Isao Tomita, two artists both his father used to listen to.

“When we are in the trance, everything gets to their place. The unbalanced gets balanced. I can resonate with Alan Vega’s recycling metaphor too.”

“A striking characteristic of Alan Vega’s art is its use of recycling. Alan Vega went to the streets to gather the raw materials for his works and presented them in the gallery. After the exhibition, he returned them to their primary reality by throwing them back to their origins. Somehow the same can be said about Suicide’s music – it encapsulates the energy, recycling the city’s electricity.” – Alan Vega, Un-made in the USA