NetBeans 6.1 on Fedora 9: the Alt-GR bug showdown

Yup, got ma brand nu NetBeans 6.1 up-n-runnin. As mi advanced Emacs user have to declare that tha Emacs-friendly keymap shipped with NetBeans is a nightmare.

CPU usage of NetBeans around 130%

I tried to type some JSP tags in the source, and had to realize that NetBeans can’t handle keys with Alt-GR. After some googling it, I found that it ain’t the problem of NetBeans but Java Swing, Java 1.6, the Linux platform itself, or all of them glued together. You may find a lot of different workarounds—get lower JDK version; install scim; export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit; etc. The one that worked told me to reset locale environment variables kinda like this:

# LC_ALL=C /opt/netbeans-6.1/bin/netbeans

Happy coding. (Mi keep stayin in Emacs for a while, though.)