Get Picasa Web Albums work under (Fedora) Linux

At present, the official Linux release of Google Picasa (2.2) photo management desktop application has no builtin support for uploading photos to the Picasa Web Albums, and there’s no any other open source alternative to do that*. Though, packages for Picasa 2.7 Beta for Linux, which feature the upload process, are no longer available. (The official download site still keeps promoting them.) Since the Linux version of the software is, indeed, just a slightly modified Windows executable on top of Wine, a workaround for the problem may be to install the native Windows version then. It may worth a try, but it won’t help.

Picasa 2.7 with builtin Web Albums support running on Fedora Linux

After a half an hour of googling the problem, I’d just found a post on Ubuntuforums, where—by following egoldtech’s instructions—got Picasa authenticate itself and allow to upload photos via the software, at last. Let’s see how it worked.

First, install the Linux package for your distribution as normal. Fedora users may create a new repository entry for Google products as it follows:

name=Google - i386

Type sudo yum -y install picasa to pull Picasa off the repo.

Run the program, quit it, and make sure that the Media Detector was closed both. Install Wine if needed, get the Windows binary and run the setup wizard by typing wine picasaweb-current-setup.exe to the shell prompt.

Start Picasa up, and exit again. Now change to the directory where the Linux version was installed, backup its folder for any case, and move there the recently installed Windows version from your fake drive.

# cd /opt/picasa/wine/drive_c/Program Files
# sudo mv Picasa2 Picasa2.bkp
# sudo cp -R home/USERNAME/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Picasa2/ .

Simply bring Picasa up again, and there you go. The Web Albums button now appears, and it works.

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*According to F-Spot feature sheet, the open source photo manager has ability to export photos to your Picasa web space, though I had never found a way to do that. In other words, that function does not work. Not to mention that on my Fedora box the Export menu of F-spot is simply empty.