Getting ma things done.

Emacs w3m makes daily usage of GMail particular convenient—I’m not just talking about speed but giving up that tiresome clicking. However, I had never set up any shortcuts for my regular actions e.g. archive or star conversations. That’s by now changed. In addition, I reformed my email habits to fit GMail as a great platform for managing my tasks. So it goes:

(defun gmail-workflow ()
  "Getting my Things Done."
  (dolist (mail *inbox*)
     ((irrelevantp mail) (delegate mail))
     ((< (time-needed-minutes mail) 5) (dotask mail))
     (t (star mail)))
    (archive mail))
  (dolist (mail *starred*)
    (dotask mail)
    (if (not (task-finished-p mail))
        (apply-label status-msg mail)
      (remove-labels mail)
      (unstar mail))))