GNEVE: quick video editing, that’s why we chose Emacs

Although the project is under heavy development (you can call it an alpha stage or proof of concept), lots of out there had just started to discuss the grounds of GNEVE, a project originally established by Martin Howse. As the project itself described, GNEVE is the GNU Emacs Video Editor mode for editing video Edit Decision Lists (EDL) based on Avidemux and Mplayer.

Late this summer my colleague Arnold joined the project. He was looking for such an environment where he could do quick [raw] video editing — no filters and fancy effects required at this point. While working the most time in Emacs it seemed obvious to search for an environment that can be controlled just the same way — with pure key shortcuts. A short research led him to Martin’s project and he got involved immediately.

As I also use Emacs for getting most of my jobs done, and after so I’m over some Lisp courses, I hooked on my colleague to extend GNEVE the way it makes video editing more convenient for us. The project is now up and running. We’ve just opened a repository at Google Code Hosting for maintaining a devel branch of GNEVE where we can release all the fixes and improvements as soon as possible. In addition, the project was submitted to Savannah by Martin — it’s not yet approved, though.

All feedbacks and supports are welcome, and I’m very glad to see that even RMS was surprised about this kind of power of Emacs. For a teaser of such kind check out the screencast Arnold has recently recorded starring GNEVE at work.