Store an extract of your talk in S5

S5 is a powerful so-called Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System based on pure XHTML (semantic layer) and CSS (presentation layer). I encourage all of you out there while using this great S5 presentation format to contain an excerpt of your slides shown in the printed layer that summarizes what your talk were about. It is helpful for the people were not able to listen to your session and provides a good summary both for later usage if someone is interested in the same topic you covered.

The official reference of S5 points out the handout div for storing any extra pieces of information are not displayed in the slide show but should appear in the printed version. (Actually the printed version means the naked version of your slides and can be reached by pressing the zero symbol hid in one of the corners.) This handout section is a great place to store an expressive extract of your talk.

You can check the idea out working in my Ubuntu slides, take it as an online demo.