Ülünk a vonaton

Illusztráció: barcelonai vonatjegyRight after Adrián’s previous set On ma way home from Štúrovo here goes the next compilation Ülünk a vonaton by slink. Just slip your backpack on, get on the next train and trip to nowhere while listening to delicious electronic music.


  1. Žagar: Miss Balaton /House Vibes Mix/
  2. Colette: What Will She Do For Love /Andy Caldwell’s Electric Mix/
  3. Jack Hylton: Happy Feet /High Heels Mix/
  4. Moby: Sunday (The day before my birthday) /West London Deep Club Mix/
  5. Télépopmusik: Breathe
  6. Briskey: Kosmo and Yahoodi
  7. Coldplay: Clocks /12 mix/

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