Viva La 20y: out now!

As desired we debute our second podcast album from so big allstars like the slowakian undergound hacker adrian and the popbitch siid. Sets drive you from the magic of acid jazz through punk, drum and bass, dub and other genres. Nod ya head.

Viva La 20y front cover

  1. Siid: Mass Attack
  2. Adrian: Soundbreak
  3. Slink: Lullaby
  4. Adrian: Robme na to
  5. Adrian: Breakdown, Beatdown
  6. Siid: Spring fever
  7. Adrian: Mental Down
  8. Siid: Ego Trip
  9. Siid: Death In Vegas
  10. Slink: Dub-a-dub

Artworks (inkl. album covers) credits shall go to adrian and the authors of the original recordings.