Handy CSS snippet to show search result position in Google

So you’ve ever wondered how those geeks can tell you in a sec the position of a search result in Google? Yahoo does display the position of each result but Google does not. Anyway don’t panic, here is a simple workaround for you. The solution described below works only in Firefox and compatibles, and may effect other sites.

First find your userContent.css located under the chrome folder at your Firefox’s profile directory. If you’ve got only userContent-example.css, rename it. Insert the following code snippet in the end of the file.

body#gsr {
    counter-reset: googlehit;

body#gsr div .g:before {
    padding:0 .4em;margin:0 .4em 0 0;
    border:1px solid #3366cc;
    content: counter(googlehit);
    counter-increment: googlehit;

You can write your own magical GreaseMonkey script and Firefox extensions, though—but this is the easiest way to reach the desired functionality. Poorly Google does not identify itself in the body element, so it may effect other sites behavour. (Now it does!) This hack is useful in the situation when you are viewing more than ten results per page. Check the screenshot out.

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